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Calculus Pac (DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom) Back

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Product Calculus Pac
Manufacturer DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 10111-1A F
MSRP $99.99

Sku: 10111DT1AFU
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $159.99
Weight: 2 /lbs.
Availability: 1 - 2 weeks 

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Includes card and manual. Manual also sold separately. Second hand cards, when listed, are warranteed for 90 days. If no 2nd hand cards are listed, none are available. Item sold is brand new unless otherwise noted.
Product Summary   
The Calculus Pac is an ultra-fast, easy to use, plug-in card for the HP 48 GX/SX, and is an invaluable aid in learning principles of calculus. Designed with the help of experienced university instructors of calculus, this "plug and play" software offers speed, accuracy, and easy use.
Product Description

Main Features

  • The pac takes full advantage of power and flexibility of the HP 48, combining a strong interactive menu with a function the library, integration analysis & tables, limit analysis, a constant library and reference data.
  • Contains a set of stack-based toolkits that cover integration, functions form , 2D and 3D plotting, differential equations and vector analysis.

At the main level of the user interface, these features are easily accessible to the user.

Function Library - This application offers prompts for seven functions: fitting to one point and one slope, fitting to two points and two slopes, fitting to many points, entering a piecewise function, building a polynomial the roots, finding the roots of a polynomial, and calculating a Taylor’s series expansion.

Integration Analysis - Uses interactive methods to compute numerically approximate value of integrals, including left, right, midpoint, trapezoids, and Simpson’s rule.

Integral Tables - Includes an integral table with 100 integrals organized in six sections for quick reference: user-defined, rational and irrational, trigonometric/hyperbolic, exponential/logarithmic and definite integrals.

Limit Analysis - A powerful interactive tool to examine the limit behavior of functions, sequences, partial sums of a series, and recursive relations. The program takes into account use of L’Hopital’s rule when needed.

Constant Library - Lists 43 universal constants for quick reference. Constant values can be displayed on the screen, copied to the stack, or printed on an IR printer, either one at a time or all at once.

Reference Data - Includes tables of the Greek alphabet, standard SI prefixes, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, pictures and relations, and vector formulas for DOT, CROSS, CURL, DIVERGENCE for 2 and 3 dimensional vectors.

Function Toolkit - The function toolkit is organized as 24 programmable commands into one menu for easy access from the stack. All the commands are designed to manipulate functions. The commands include symbolic simplification, Taylor expansion, polynomial root finder, rational power of a function, delta function, logarithm to any base, nth root of a number, polynomial interpolation, point-slope fit, cubic spline fit, and trigonometric and hyperbolic functions.

Integration Toolkit - Seven programmable commands available compute approximate integrands and store user-defined integrals.

Plotting Toolkit - Provides three plotting environments.

2 Dimensional Plots - Enhances the HP 48 plotting environment by adding new features to those built in. The new features include tracing an equation, jumping to any value of the indent variable, and centering the graph at the cursor coordinates.

3 Dimensional Plots - Utilizes the da Vinci 3D graphics environment proving a powerful way to specify, plot and trace 3D functions, parametric curves, and parametric surfaces.

Differential Equations Plotting - Is accomplished with a series of numerical approximation routines utilizing different variations of the Euler method and 4th order Runga-Kutta method. Among the Euler methods supported are the original Euler method, Euler’s method using mid points, and the modified Euler method.

From the stack, you can enter the first derivative, the starting location, and step size to get a plot of the function.

Vector Analysis - Provides 25 programmable commands with easy access from the stack. The software can handle symbolic or numeric input. Available commands include simplifying symbolic results, unit vector, DOT and CROSS products, divergence and CURL, Laplacian, unary and binary vector operation, negating a vector, vector derivatives and integrals, vector addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, vector evaluation, length, and vector evaluate to quotient or number.

Calculus Pac was developed with the help of seasoned instructors from several universities with experience using graphing calculators to teach calculus in high schools, community colleges, and universities. The Calculus Pac offers a unique opportunity for the student to explore a large class of calculus problems, providing invaluable insights into the foundations of calculus.

Additional Information   
Suitable for HP48SX and HP48GX


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