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48 Business Pac (DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom) Back

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Product 48 Business Pac
Manufacturer DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 1094-1A F
MSRP $109.99

Sku: 1094DT1AFVG
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $149.99
Weight: 0.2 /lbs.
Availability: Special order 

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Includes card only; 90 day warranty on 2nd hand products.
Product Summary   
The Business Pac is an ultra-fast, easy to use, plug-in card for the HP 48 GX/SX, and an invaluable aid in performing business calculations using the HP 48GX. Designed by experienced business professionals, this "plug and play" on software offers speed, accuracy and easy use.
Product Description

Main Features

The Business Pac offers thirteen applications essential for business computations. These include: time value of money, interest conversion, cash-flow calculations, bonds and notes, option valuation, probability distributions, regression analysis, currency conversion, business calculations, depreciation, installment loan, time, and print applications.

Time Value of Money - This application calculates simple or compound interest, and computes amortization.

Interest Conversion - Calculates effective interest rate, a useful entity when comparing interests with different compounding periods.

Cash-Flow Calculation - Mainly used to solve financial problems where cash flows occur at regular intervals, but vary in amount.

Bonds and Notes Application - Calculates yield, yield to maturity, accrued interest, and maturity date. Calculations can be made the basis of an actual calendar.

Option Valuation - The computations in this application are based on the Black and Scholes option valuation model.

Probability Distribution - Computes point and interval probabilities for binomial, geometric, poisson, hypergeometric, normal (or Gaussian), chi-squared, student-t, and Fischer distribution functions.

Regression Analysis - This application performs the analysis of variance (ANOVA), estimates partial regression coefficients, calculates the Durbin-Watson statistic, and finds coefficients of determination.

Currency Conversion - The conversion of currency.

Business Calculations - Computes percent change, percent of total, markup as a percent of cost, and markup as a percent of price.

Depreciation - Handles four methods of depreciation calculations: declining balance, sum of years digits, straight line, and accelerated cost recovery system.

Installment Loan - Computes interest and remaining balance of a loan with fixed down payments.

Time Application - Computes real days between two specified days based on a 360 or 365 day calendar.

Print Application - Contains a sub-directory of several printing options.

Additional Information   
Suitable for HP48SX and HP48GX


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