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Math Pro Pac (DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom) Back

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Product Math Pro Pac
Manufacturer DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 10201-1A F
MSRP $109.99

Sku: 10201DT1AFU
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $149.99
Weight: 1.4 /lbs.
Availability: In Stock (1-2 business days) 

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Includes card. Manual sold separately. Second-hand cards, when listed, are warranteed for 90 days. If no second-hand cards are listed, none are available. Item sold is brand new unless otherwise noted.
Product Summary   
Math· PRO is an ultra-fast, easy-to-use, plug-in card for the HP 48GX/SX, and an invaluable tool covering a wide range of topics in mathematics. Designed with the help of experienced university instructors of calculus, this "plug-and-play" software offers speed, accuracy, and ease of use.
Product Description

Main Features

  • Takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of the HP 48 by introducing a powerful interactive menu providing analysis, equation and reference environments.
  • Features adjustable scrolling speed, easy unit management, and a user interface that can be customized.
  • Easy navigability in the menu structure, friendly user input forms, and an extensive set of tables round out the depth of the material in the card.


Organized under 8 sub-categories:

Algebraic Functions - delta function, partial fraction expansion, piece-wise functions, polynomials (coefficients & roots), symbolic simplification, and Taylor Polynomial.

Arithmetic Functions - Closest fraction, GCD, LCM, prime factorization, reducing fractions, logarithm to any base and nth root of a number.

Curve Fitting - Polynomial interpolation, point-slope fit, cubic spline.

Hyperbolic functions - Hyperbolic sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant and cotangent functions and their inverses.

Integration - Computes numeric integration of an arbitrary function based on left, right or midpoint rectangles, the trapezoidal method, or Simpson’s rule.

Special functions - Bessel, Beta, Error, and Gamma functions.

Trigonometric Functions - Sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent functions and their inverses.

Equation Library

Organized under 7 sub-categories:

Analytical Geometry - Includes parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas.

Circles - Semi-circle, circular ring, sector and segment, and circle equations.

Coordinate Systems - Conversion from (x,y) « Polar, (x,y,z) « Cylindrical, and (x,y,z) « Spherical coordinate system.

Cylinders and Cones - Problems on right circular cylinders, thick and thin cylindrical shells, uniform thin rods, right circular cones, and frustums of cone.

Planar Bounded Solids - Cube, rectangular parallelpiped, pyramid, and tetrahedron.

Polygons - Rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, general quadrilateral, and regular polygon.

Spherical Figures - Sphere, hemisphere, thin and thick spherical shell, zone and segment of 1 and 2 bases, ellipsoid, and circular torus.

Triangle - Right triangle, equilateral triangle, general triangle, Laws of SIN, COS and TAN.


Constants - 43 constants commonly used in physics, chemistry and several engineering fields.

Derivatives - Contains a table with 41 derivatives, which can be viewed, copied to the stack, printed, or solved.

Greek Alphabet - Shows all the Greek characters supported by the HP 48.

Hyperbolics - Includes definitions, pictures, basic relations, angle sum/difference, half angle, double angle, multiple angle, functions of products and sum/difference formulas, power relations and complex arguments.

Integrals - A table of 322 integrals organized under 16 categories such as Elementary Integrals, A+BX, C+DX Integrals, Exponential Integrals, and Hyperbolic Logarithmic Integrals. In addition, the user can add more integrals to the table.

Quadric Surfaces - Series of equations describing quadric surfaces.

Series - Taylor, binomial, exponential/logarithmic and trigonometric/hyperbolic series.

SI Prefixes - Lists 20 SI prefixes.

Transforms - Includes definitions, Fourier (finite and infinite) Sine and Cosine, and Fourier, Laplace, and Z- transform tables.

Trigonometry - Includes definition, pictures, relations, reductions, angle sum and difference relations, half angle, double angle, multiple angle, function product, function of sum and difference angles, power relations, exponential relations, and quadrant signs.

Vectors - Formulas for DOT product, CROSS product, GRADIENT, DIVERGENCE, CURL and Laplacian.

Additional Information   
Suitable for HP48SX and HP48GX


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