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Mechanical Eng Applications Pac (DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom) Back

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Product Mechanical Eng Applications Pac
Manufacturer DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 10053-1A F
MSRP $109.99

Sku: 10053DT1AF
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $149.99
Weight: 0.2 /lbs.
Availability: Special order 

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Product Alerts   
New cards when in stock include the card and a manual. Used cards are sold without a manual, but the manual is sold separately. Second-hand cards, when in stock, are warranted for 90 days.
Product Summary   
The Mechanical Engineering Application Card is an ultra-fast, easy-to-use, plug-in card for the HP 48 GX/SX, and an invaluable aid in solving a variety of practical problems encountered by students and professionals alike in mechanical engineering. Designed for speed, accuracy and ease of use, this "plug and play" software gives the user the ability to find "quick" solutions to common set of problems. It is akin to carrying a full set of "solutions in your pocket".
Product Description

Main Features

    • Over 200 equations, a steam table generator, a thermocouple converter, reference data, and a constants library are included on the 128k card.
    • Easy entry of values for variables (with units) using the menu keys provided. Easy solving and converting of units.
    • Menu can be displayed in a large or small font size.

The user interface browser presents three broad categories: an equation library in 8 categories; analytical functions consisting of a steam table generator, a thermocouple calculator, and numeric vector analysis calculations; and a constants library along with a reference short library.

Equation sets in a given sub-topic can be solved as a complete or selected set. The variables in the equation sets have descriptions in addition to names.

The equation solver comes with a handy units menu, rendering the task of unit entry effortless. The computed results can have their units converted into SI or into another chosen set of commonly used units. An equation can be selected to plot, and a multiple plot function can be used to do graphical analysis, viewing the impact of incremental changes to a variable.

Equation Library

Beams - Hollow rectangular, I section and C section beams; L, T, and U section beams; cantilever beams with point load, uniform load, and moment; and simple beams with point load, uniform load, moment, and linear load.

Fluid Mechanics - Fluid statics, Bernoulli’s equation, mechanical energy balance, discharge from tanks, horizontal jet on a vertical plate, vertical jet on a horizontal plate, manometers, friction loss, and immersed bodies.

Gas Laws - Ideal gas laws, gas under constant pressure, gas under constant volume, gas under constant temperature, thermodynamics/ideal gas law, real gas law, and polytropic process.

Heat Transfer - Steady state conduction and convection, heat conduction for cylindrical and spherical walls, forced convection on a flat plate (heat), forced convection on a flat plate (drag), lumped capacity analysis, negligible surface resistance, semi-infinite solid, blackbody radiation, radiation heat exchange.

Mechanics - Linear motion, angular motion, force, work, power, forces in angular motion, elastic collisions (1D), and inclined planes.

Stress Analysis - Normal stress and strain, axial load, dynamic load, torsion, pure shear, principal stresses, and Mohr’s circle.

Vibrations - Simple and compound pendulums, damped and free vibrations, natural frequency of a spring system, natural frequency of beams, and vibration isolation.

Machine Design - Helical springs, frequency of helical springs, viscosity and Petroff’s law.

Analytical Functions

Steam Tables Generator - computes thermodynamic properties (in SI units) of steam for saturated and superheated conditions. Properties computed include: specific volume of liquid and vapor, enthalpy of liquid, internal energy of liquid and vapor.

Thermocouple Calculator - converts temperature to voltage and vice versa for T, E, J, K and S type thermocouples.

Vector Analysis - performs numeric calculations for DOT and CROSS products for vectors defined by beginning and end points.

Reference Data

Physical properties of water Orifice coefficients of water

Valve and fitting loss coefficients Relative roughness

Constants Library

Constants of interest to mechanical engineers under three categories - universal constants, mechanical and thermal constants, and magnetic constants.

Additional Information   
Suitable for HP48SX and HP48GX calculators.


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