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Structural Analysis Pac (DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom) Back

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Product Structural Analysis Pac
Manufacturer DaVinci Technologies/Sparcom
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 10200-1A F
MSRP $199.99

Sku: 10200DT1AFU
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $199.99
Weight: 2 /lbs.
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Card only, manual sold separately. Stock photo, not a photo of actual card sold. 90 day warranty.
Product Summary   
The Structural Analysis Pac is an efficient, fast, easy to use, plug-in card for the HP 48 GX/SX, and an invaluable aid in solving a wide variety of structural analysis problems faced by students and professionals alike. Designed by an experienced professional engineer, the pac is a handy tool on the field. This "plug and play" software gives the user the ability to find quick solutions to complex problems.
Product Description

Main Features

The pac takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of the HP 48, covering four subject areas: general beam analysis, plane frame analysis, concrete column analysis, and steel column and beam. The results of the computations are presented in US customary units.

General Beam Analysis - This application will do an elastic analysis of single span and multi-span beams. Calculations performed include shear, end moment, rotation, and deflection. The results can be displayed, plotted, or printed. Beam structures supported include simple beam, fixed end beam, propelled cantilever and cantilever beam. Continuous beam solution is based on flexibility method for indeterminate structures.

Plane Frame Analysis - This program can be used to solve rigid frames, trusses, and indeterminate problems commonly encountered in everyday practice. The program uses the stiffness method of analysis for most types of structural planes and trusses. The program can handle small to moderate sized problems and is an invaluable complement to large programs available on a PC. Joint loads and member loads can be specified. Load types analyzed include linear or uniform loads, and concentrated loads. Output includes joint displacements, member forces and reactions. Included is the option for member end releases.

Concrete Column - This program computes the ultimate capacity of a concrete section with a given axial load, compression, or tension. The section may contain reinforcing bars, pre-stressing stands, or both. The analysis technique used is based on the ultimate strength method. The program is a powerful column/section program capable of analyzing any concrete section of arbitrary shape for axial load with one or two-way bending. The section can include areas of different concrete strengths or voids. Mild reinforcing or pre-stressed strands are included in this computation method. Concrete beams, either regular or pre-stressed can be analyzed by specifying P=0. The ultimate strength method of analysis uses the A.C.I. 318 specifications released in 1989.

Steel Solver - This section provides ready solutions for the analysis of structural steel beams and columns of W, I, H, S, and M section shapes. The section properties can be referenced from a built-in A.I.S.C. data-base. The computations are carried out using either the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) or Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD). The ASD method uses stress determined from service load conditions, while the LRFD uses mode of failure (such as buckling or fracture at factored service load conditions) to determine the adequacy of members selected for use in a structure.

In addition, the manual supplied with the application has a useful nomograph from The Design Manual of Steel Construction from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

The algorithms used in this application were developed over a long period of time by Mr. Charles Dinsmore, a professional engineer involved in the design and development of the Structural Analysis Pac for the HP 41 calculator.

Additional Information   
Suitable for HP48SX and HP48GX


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