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The HP 10BII Pocket Guide (Grapevine Publications) Back

Product The HP 10BII Pocket Guide
Manufacturer Grapevine Publications
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) 093101154X
MSRP $13.99

Sku: 093101154X
Condition: New
Our Price: $13.99
Weight: 0.3 /lbs.
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Product Summary   
Pocket guide to using the HP10BII.
Product Description
ISBN 0-931011-54-X
3.25" x 5.25"
Additional Information   
Getting Started
The Display
Arithmetic and Math
Markups and Margins
Storing and Recalling Numbers
Cash Flow Diagrams
The TVM Keys
Solving for Payment (PMT)
Solving for Future Value (FV)
Solving for Present Value (PV)
Solving for Number of Periods (N)
Solving for Interest Rate (I/YR)
Interest Conversions
Amortization Schedules (AMORT)
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Net Present Value (NPV)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR/YR)
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)


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