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HP 50G RPN and Algebraic Graphing Calculator (Hewlett Packard) Back

Product HP 50G RPN and Algebraic Graphing Calculator
Manufacturer Hewlett Packard
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) F2229A
MSRP $499.99

Sku: HP50GVG
Condition: Used - Very Good
Our Price: $249.99
Weight: 0.75 /lbs.
Availability: In Stock (1-2 business days) 

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Product Alerts   
The most advanced HP graphing calculator, the 50G offers the greatest flexibility and power for dedicated professionals in mathematics, science, and engineering, and for university students. The 50G graphing calculator has 2.5 MB of memory, an amply sized viewing screen with excellent contrast, and choice of 2D and 3D graphing displays. It features a USB connection, and three ways of entering data, the favored HP RPN notation, as well as algebraic and text options. The 50G's more than 2300 embedded functions contribute to its flexibility and ease of use.
Product Summary   
The 50G returns HP's graphing series of calculators to the more traditional appearance, using dark black for the body, and white, orange and yellow for the function shift keys. The back shell is textured to provide a secure grip.

New features that the 50G adds to its predecessor is the full equation library found in the 48G series, and it has a true RS232 connection as well as the IrDA and USB ports. One of the most criticized features of the 50G's predecessor is the keyboard, which has been redesigned.

The 50G is ideal for engineering, surveying, mathematical sciences, and statistics.

Product Features   
  • 203MHz ARM9 CPU (clocked at 75MHz by default, but can be overclocked by certain user programs)
  • 131 x 80 pixel display screen with adjustable font type and size
  • 512 KB RAM (about 380 KB user accessible), 2MB Flash ROM (about 768 KB user accessible)
  • IrDA infrared
  • USB connection (using the Kermit or XModem protocols)
  • SD card slot for expansion up to 2 GB, which can be formatted directly from the calculator
  • Automatic disconnection after approximately 5 minutes
  • Built-in lessons and step-by-step problem solving
  • User-friendly Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  • Intelligent editor that allows isolation and evaluation of sub-expressions, as well as the ability to cut, paste and copy objects
  • Large equation library and 2300+ built-in functions
  • Product Description
    The 50G replaces the 49G+.
    HP Part Number F2229A. The 50G replaces the 49G+.
  • Calculator
  • USB cable
  • Four AAA batteries
  • One CR2032 battery
  • User manual not included. Can be downloaded in PDF format from or bought separately from us.
  • CD with connectivity software and advanced user guide
  • Additional Information   


    • Entry Logic: Algebraic/RPN/textbook
    • Menus, prompts
    • Text messages
    • Soft-keys
    • Numeric precision: intermediate and internal, 15 digits, exponent -49999 to +49999
    • Displayed precision: 12 digits, exponent -499 to +499, infinite for integers (limited by memory)
    • Additional applications available from the Internet


    • Flash ROM for future electronic software upgrades
    • RAM 512KB + 2MB flash ROM
    • edefinable menu keys
    • Redefinable keyboard (user mode)
    • Peripherals
    • Supports libraries/RPL programs
    • Vector operations: rectangular/polar
    • Matrix operations: includes symbolic matrices
    • Matrix editor

    Graphing Features

    • 2-D function, polar, parametric plot
    • 3-D, differential equation, bar plot
    • Histogram, scatter plot
    • Find: intersect, extreme, slope, area
    • Zoom, trace, co-ordinates, shade

    Math Features

    • +, -, x, ÷, v, 1/x, +/-, In, ex, xvy
    • yx, LOG, 10x, x2, %, p, n!
    • Fractions
    • Degrees, radians or grads mode
    • Trigonometric functions/inverses
    • Hyperbolics/inverses
    • HP Solve application (root finder)
    • Numeric integration
    • Symbolic integration
    • Numeric differentiation
    • Symbolic differentiation
    • Complex number functions
    • Polynomial root finder, Taylor series
    • Absolute value, round
    • Integer & fractional part of a number
    • Module function, floor, ceiling
    • CAS system scientific features
    • Decimal hr/hr min sec conversions
    • Polar/rectangular conversions
    • Angle conversions
    • Base conversions and arithmetic
    • Unit conversions
    • Bit, boolean, graphics
    • Display and printer graphics
    • Built-in equation library

    Statistical Features

    • S x, S x2, S y, S y2, S xy
    • Sample standard deviation, mean
    • Population standard deviation
    • Linear regression
    • Combinations, permutations
    • Weighed mean
    • Edit, save, name, list
    • Curve fit (LIN, LOG, EXP, POW)
    • Plot statistical data
    • Hypothesis tests
    • Confidence intervals

    Programming Features

    • Root finder: HP Solve
    • Number of steps/regs or bytes: 1.2MB
    • Number of programs/formulae: ++
    • Levels of subroutines: ++
    • Branching
    • Flags: 256
    • Alpha prompts in programs
    • Input forms, alpha string manipulation
    • Indirect addressing
    • Index looping
    • Alpha listing
    • HP Equation library, over 300 physics equations and graphics

    Electronic Specifications

    • CPU: 75 MHz ARM9
    • Display size: 131 x 80 pixels
    • Display type: Pixel
    • Memory RAM: 512KB, 2MB Flash ROM
    • IR port: IrDA (limited to 10cm distance)
    • Serial port: USB, RS232 for connections to equipment such as PCs, datalogers, surveying equipment, etc.
    • Expansion port: SD card slot
    • Power supply: AAA x 4 + CR20

    For 48GX users upgrading, all your UsrRPL programs will run, and most of the popular libraries have been ported over.

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